Saturday, July 10, 2010

Famous X Ray

A young male with fall in out streched hand.

What's your Diagnosis?


mehrnaz said...

in the lat. x-ray the carpal bones(except lunate) are displaced dorsally and in the AP x-ray I think scaphoid fx is present and the two carpal bone rows are overlapping, so it is perilunate dislocation with scaphoid fx. I hope this time the answer is correct!

N M said...

Again I do not agree with the dislocation, but scaphoid fx is easily seen, however, I could not see the lat. view! :p

Maysam said...

not surgical management
because :1-less that 1cm dislocation
2:less than 45 degree angulation
am i right arash jan?

Maysam said...

oh no...this comment was for another question,,,sorry

Arash Safaie said...

any other comments?
I thought you would easily diagnose the problem.
lunate or perilunate dislocation and why?

mehrnaz said...

I think it is perilunate dislocation because lunate is in articulation with radius (although a little bit tilted) and capitate is displaced dorsally and is not aligned with lunate and radius. In lunate dislocation the alignment of capitate and radius is preserved and lunate tilts to the volar side (its concave surface facing the palm).