Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy, Disappointed, & TOO Tired

I was so busy with my yearly evaluating exam  that were no time for writing in this blog and afterward I am now in cardiology rotation again busy with it and with my thesis so and many other thing;  I am really so tired. The results of our exam declared and I am really disappointed with it. The sight of future disturbs me and…
Surely, these are not all of my problems.

P.S. sorry for the negative effect of this post


س.پ said...

Dear Dr, take sometime for rest. It is not surprising to be tired after such an exam. You will soon feel much better. I had a similiar feeling long after the Board exam:(
Try to prepare yourself for the CPC presentation.
Good lock:)

Arash Safaie said...

thanks for ur sympathy

Mona said...

I do not want to comment about the situation in Iran for doctors, which is quiet obvious! But, I reckon what made you upset is the big stress of your exam and ... Adrenalin surge! ;-))
Just take time for yourself and relax!

Maysam said...

arash jaan inghadr khoobe adam esteraahat kone...oonam ye jaye kamlean refresh shodam ....jaat khaliye,,,delam tang shode barat,,,be khanoomet ham salam beresoon,,,sara salam miresoone,az khodet khabar bede...age chizi ham khasti khabar bede,

Arash Safaie said...

cheghad shirine shenidan az ye dooste shirin eyne to

my heart is missing u too realy

thanks and u ham salam beresoon

hesabi khosh begzaroon ke inja hesabi khabare


Mona said...

Hi Doc,
R u still so busy that even can not update your weblog?!!