Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hysterical Patient: Something to Remember

I read this nice, educative post at the centarl line. Its a common error in ED and may occur for every EP.
Please read it.


Veronica B. said...

I appreciate your linking to my blog post... my regular blog is also on blogspot... buffalosquirrels.blogspot.com I will add you to the sidebar



mehrnaz said...

It's exactly like this.I had such a patient with abdominal pain who I thought was exagerating his pain, he had a history of minor abdominal trauma.He wouldn't let me examine his abdomen and just kept crying.I didn't even imagine that he might had ruptured his spleen, but yes, he had and the abd ultrasound came back with lots of free fluid in the abd and a ruptured spleen.