Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Abnormal CT !!!

Name abnormalities in this CT cut.
(No history is provided)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Emergency Culture

When I walked in ED as a resident for first time, I felt something is different. At first I thought it might because of a larger hospital, larger university, academic ED or etc.; but the difference was much bigger. Now I am graduated as an emergency physician and work in various EDs and yet I can feel that difference. I don't think the different is because of a larger hospital, more equipment, an emergency medicine specialist or even an academic ED itself anymore. I think it is all about a change in thinking process and practicing medicine that I'd like to call it "emergency culture".

Emergency culture involves all emergency staffs from emergency physicians to general practitioners working in ED to ED nurses to ED securities to even ED workers. It is a change in thinking process that differentiates between well and ill patients; that can triages patients rightly. It is a change in practicing medicine so one can do best for the patient, not for the disease, on time; and one can do multiple tasks together in a so distracting environment.

Now as an emergency physician I ask myself "Is my patient is dying? Is his/her ABC are secure and maintained? Is his/her life or limb on danger?" every time I see a new patient. I think it is the difference between me and anyone without "emergency culture".

What do you think?

photo: University of Rochester Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Back

I'm back again. Nothing specal happened in these years i was absent. I am not a resident anymore , now I'm an emergency physician. It seems to be the only difference. Now I am in conscription waiting list.
The photo above shows me last time as a resident, with my classmates (two of them were absent in this photo). I am 5th from right.